Born and raised on a chain of 14 islands in the West Pacific. Approximately 8,000 miles away from the United States mainland. Salbahe’ Brand was initially established to expose a different flavor and fashion that the place we call “home” was fairly new to. The music, art, and culture celebrated by the urban streets played a huge role in the inception of our company. Bred and pioneered by local art with a goal to globally recognize a piece of land that runs 12 miles in length and 5.6 miles wide, Saipan- the Northern Mariana Islands. The tiny dots on the map is our drive and motivation to represent and put on for where we came from.

We are LaFamilia- our character and foundation is built upon LOYALTY, RESPECT, LOVE, TRUST & HONOR. Designs and concepts that are weaved by uniquely blending influences from the concrete jungle with the root and soil that we were brought upon in the Marianas.

Salbahe’ is a lifestyle, a swagger, and a movement. A lifestyle that is engineered through free spirit and independence. A type of swagger that was transpired by the determination of exposing individuality. A movement that is driven by the oppressed; the ones that are often stereotyped, criticized, and labeled. At Salbahe’, we shed light on the hard working individuals, the hustlers, the rebels, the underdogs. The uprising and revolution to be different and be proud of who YOU are. Because we refuse to blend in- we’d rather stand out!



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